Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues and Friends!

It is a great honour that we can organize the upcoming congress of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society (NES). We are cordially inviting you to the 48th NES Congress on behalf of the Technical and Scientific Organization Committee of the Society. The meeting will take place on the 7th to the 8th of October 2021. 

Our intention was to arrange the congress in Paphos, Cyprus. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the congress will now be organized using a virtual model. The difficulties of the oversea traveling and planning the accommodation do not give us any other possibility than an online congress. However, next year we will organize safe, COVID-19 –free teaching courses with personal attendance, including sightseeing and tours in Cyprus. Attendants of this online congress will have the opportunity to take part live online, as well as offline later. All congress contributions will be available online for congress participants for three months after the event. Waiving the registration fee, PhD students and resident medical doctors from around the world will have the opportunity to present their work orally or in a e-poster session while developing their technical communication skills and networking with the persons who are interested in neurootology and equilibriometry.

As a main international conference in the field of neurootology and equilibriometrics, the 48th NES Congress is expected to stimulate further research in this field through the exchange of ideas and lively debate on state-of-the-art knowledge, as well as on knowledge gaps to be filled. The 48th NES Congress will feature plenary talks by world-renowned scientists and a variety of oral and e-poster sessions, focusing on the most pressing issues in our field of medicine. 

Main topics to be discussed during the Congress:

  • Clinical Neurootology, including pharmacotherapy and physical therapy
  • Emergency diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and tinnitus
  • Equilibriometry
  • Audiometry
  • Tinnitology
  • Olfactometry, Gustometry
  • Neurosensorial degenerations in old age patients    
  • COVID-19 related olfactory dysfunctions
  • COVID-19 related hearing and balance disorders
  • Electromagnetic fields and  applications in neurootology
  • Free Papers

We will also provide you with a taste of the Cypriot culture in the form of online events.
We are looking forward seeing you in October!

With best regards, 

Dr. Panayiota Mavrogeni
48th NES congress Chair
Dr. Stefani Maihoub
48th NES congress Co-Chair

Important Dates

Start of the call for abstract27 May 2021
Deadline for abstract submission30 August2021
Deadline for early bird registration31 July 2021
48th NES Congress7-8 October 2021


Scientific Committee

Dr. Panayiota Mavrogeni
48th NES Congress Chair, NES board secretary
Dr. Stefani Maihoub
48th NES Congress Co-Chair
Dr. Agnes Szirmai
NES president

Prof. Dr. Laszlo Tamas
Prof. Dr. Mats Olof Mattsson
Prof. Dr. Myrtill Simkó
Dr. Andras Molnar
Dr. Beata Bencsik
Dr. Gabor Polony
Dr. Helga Kraxner
Dr. Laszlo T. Tamas

Organizing Committee

Dr. Panayiota Mavrogeni
Dr. Stefani Maihoub
Dr. Agnes Szirmai
Prof. Dr. Laszlo Tamas
Prof. Dr. Mats Olof Mattsson
Prof. Dr. Myrtill Simkó
Dr. Andras Molnar
Dr. Beata Bencsik
Dr. Gabor Polony
Dr. Helga Kraxner
Dr. Laszlo T. Tamas
Dr. Magdolna Krasznai
Dr. Samir Maihoub
Gabor Bencze
Katalin Szilva

NES Board

NES President: Dr. Agnes Szirmai (Budapest, Hungary)

Vice-president: Dr. Hideaki Sakata (Tokyo, Japan)

Secretaries: Dr. Beata Bencsik (Budapest, Hungary), Dr. Panayiota Mavrogeni (Limassol, Cyprus)

Honorary president: Prof. Claus-Frenz Claussen (Bad Kissingen, Germany)

Scientific coordinator: Dr. Kostiantyn Trinus (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Treasurer: Eng. Gábor Bencze (Budapest, Hungary) 

Invited Speakers

Abraham Shulman
Anirban Biswas
David S. Zee
Dusan Pavlovic
Prof. Dr. Fernando Ganança
Francisco Carlos Zuma e Maia
Gábor Michael Halmágyi
János András Jarabin
Ji Soo Kim
South Korea
Konstantin Trinus
Myrtill Simko
Thomas Hummel
Trifon Kiratzidis
Hideaki Sakata
Yoav Gimmon

About NES

The International Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society was founded in Bad Kissingen (Bavaria, Germany) in 1974. The founder and the president firstly was Professor Claus-Frenz Claussen. He organized and conducted a lot of international congresses, which took place in his home town of Bad Kissingen in every even year. So, from 1974 to 2014 he organized the annual "International Congress of Neurootologists", which is attended by participants from 33 countries. At the 41st Congress of the NES in 2014 he declared his retirement. The members’ Assembly of the Neurootological and Equilibrimetric Society decided the NES headquarter' transposition from Bad Kissingen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. The transposition was completed in 2015.
The aims of the Society are :promote clinical neurootology in practice and in the field of clinical research; inform doctors and paramedical interested in this field in making neurootological diagnosis, paying special attention to tests of functional equilibrium, audiometry, olfactometry and gustometry; standardize clinical methods of research and research equipment in the field of neurootology; create functional anthropometric standards in the field of neurootology; develop provisional principles of occupational medical character for employees recruited for occupations particularly straining the neurootological functioning of the senses ,enable participation with the help of neurootological and medical advice in the development of new transport technologies and other technologies, where disorientation strain occurs; develop and advance the various approaches for treatment of the neurootological disorders.

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Dr. Agnes Szirmai
(Budapest, Hungary)
NES President