Scientific Programme

Wednesday, September 13th

08.30-12.00International Symposium for Perfusionists and Allied Health Professionals
12.00-12.45VAD Journal Editorial Board Meeting
13.00-19.15Brano Heart Failure Forum Scentific Sessions
20.00-22.00Evening Reception

Thursday, September 14th

08.15-19.00Brano Heart Failure Forum Scientific Sessions
20.00-23.00Gala Dinner

Friday, September 15th

08.30-19.15Brano Heart Failure Forum Scientific Sessions
20.00-23.00Farewell Dinner

Wednesday, September 13th
Pre-Meeting Symposium        
International Symposium for Perfusionists and Allied Health Professionals  

08.30-10.00Session 1  -  Important Elements of Succesful ECMO Program
Moderator: R. Radovancevic, B. Sax
08.30-08.40Start-Up of a Perfusion Education Program
E. Solberg (Houston, USA)
08.40-08.50Transporting ECMO patient: Pitfalls and Troubleshooting
I. Banjac (Houston, USA)
08.50-09.00Bacabal (IVC/SVC junction) cannulation with a peripheral drainage cannula on ECMO
K. San Miguel (Houston, USA)
09.00-09.10Reducing Gaseous Microemboli
S. Kulic (Belgrade, SRB)
09.10-09.20ECMO in Primary Graft Dysfunction - How Long?
R. Mrkonjic (Zagreb, CRO)
09.20-09.30Anticoagulation Management for Patients with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Therapy: Theory vs. Reality
J. Osario (Houston, USA)

10.00-10.30Coffee Break

10.30-12.00Session 2 -  Important Elements of Succesful End Stage Heart Failure Program
Moderator: I. Hartyánszky, T. Myers
10.30-10.40Advances in HF Treatments: Education for Staff 
M. Clark (Houston, USA)
10.40-10.50Organizing Mechanical Circulatory Support:  Personnel Requirements
S. Klesnik (Houston, USA)
10.50-11.00Pitfalls in Condacting Clinical Trials
C. Patel (Houston, USA)
11.00-11.10Bloodless Cardiac Surgery Program
S. Eaton (Los Angeles, USA) Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in Elderly Heart failure Patient with Interstitial Lung Disease
Z. Demirozu (Istanbul, TUR)
11.20-11.30Short term Percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support in Cardiac Surgery 
N. Ristic (Belgrade, SRB)

12.00-13.00Lunch Break

Wednesday, September 13th

13.00-13.10Brano Forum Opening Session
Welcome address - Congress Chair
 I. Gregoric, B. Merkely, B. Vrtovec, I. Hartyánszky, B. Sax, R. Radovancevic

13.10-14.00Key Note Presentations
13.10-13.35Establishing a Heart Failure Center at UTHealth
G. Colasurdo (Houston, USA)
13.35-14.00Semmelweis University 
B. Merkely (Budapest, HUN)

14.00-15.00Session 1 -  Acute Mechanical Circulatory Support 
Moderator B. Kar
Panel: A. El-Banayosy, G. Nersesian,  F. Papalardo, D. Zimpfer,  B. Biocina
14.00-14.05Establishing a Postcardiotomy Cardiogenic Shock Network: A Comprehensive Rationale and Outcomes
A. El-Banayosy (Oklahoma City, USA)
14.05-14.15Panel Discussion
14.15-14.20ECMELLA Cannulation
G. Nersesian (Berlin, GER)
14.20-14.30Panel Discussion
14.30-14.35ECPELLA and Ventricular Fibrillation
F. Pappalardo (Alessandria, IT)
14.35-14.45Panel Discussion
14.45-14.50Impella 5.5 Bridge to Mechanical Circulatory Support or Heart Transplantation
D. Zimpfer (Graz, AUT)
14.50-15.00Panel Discussion

15.00-15.15Coffee Break

15.05-16.45Session 2 -  Challenges in Structural Heart Disease and Management of Heart Failure
Moderator B. Sun
Panel:  B. Kar, A. Apor, A. Zirlik, J. Baranowski, U. Jorde,  M. Patarroyo
15.15-15.20A Case of Structural Intervention in Cardiogenic Shock
B. Kar (Houston, TX)
15.20-15.30Panel Discussion
15.30-15.35Imaging of Structural Heart Disease Interventions
A. Apor (Budapest, HUN)
15.35-15.45Panel Discussion
15.45-15.50Tricuspid Valve Replacement in Advanced Heart Failure
A. Zirlik (Graz, AUT)
15.50-16.00Panel Discussion
16.00-16.05Percutaneous Mitral Valve Interventions
J. Baranowski (Linkoping, SWE)
16.05-16.15Panel Discussion
16.15-16.20AccuCinch Ventricular Restoration System
U. Jorde (New York, USA)
16.20-16.30Panel Discussion
16.30-16.35RELIEVE-HF: Interatrial Shunting 
M. Patarroyo (Houston, USA)
16.35-16.45Panel Discussion

16.45-17.00Coffee Break

17.00-18.00Session 3 -  End-stage Hear Failure Treatment Options and Dilemmas 
Moderator J. Kirklin
Panel: N. Uriel, P. Mohacsi, B. Vrtovec,  F. Pagani, U. Livi
17.00-17.05Current Expectations with MCS and Heart Transplantation
J. Kirklin (Birmingham, USA)
17.05-17.15Panel Discussion
17.15-17.20Should We Transplant Stable LVAD Patient? (Conditional Survival on HM3)
N. Uriel (New York, USA)
17.20-17.30Panel Discussion
17.30-17.35New Ways to Manage Patients After Heart Transplantation
P. Mohacsi (Zurich, SWI)
17.35-17.45Panel Discussion
17.45-17.50Stem Cells in Patients on LVAD Support
B. Vrtovec (Ljubljana, SI)
17.50-18.00Panel Discussion

18.00-18.15Coffee Break

18.15-19.15Session 4 -  Improving Mechanical Circulatory Treatments in Heart Failure
Moderator E. Potapov 
Panel: E. Rame, B. Meyns, M. Patarroyo, J. Patel
18.15-18.20LVAD Therapy: From Partial Recovery to Full Remission to Explant
E. Rame (Philadelphia, USA)
18.20-18.30Panel Discussion
18.30-18.35How to Increase Recovery in Patients on Impella 5.5 Support?
B. Meyns (Leuven, BEL )
18.35-18.45Panel Discussion
18.45-18.50Prehabilitation in Patient with Cardiogenic Shock Supported on Axillary Impella
M. Patarroyo (Houston, USA)
18.50-19.00Panel Discussion
19.00-19.05Overcoming Obstacles During Impella 5.5 Implantation
J. Patel (Houston, USA)
19.05-19.15Panel Discussion

Thursday, September 14th

08.30-10.15Session 5 -  Update on Regional End Stage Heart Failure Programs
Moderators: A. Zuckermann, B. Biocina, P. Przybylowski      
Panel:  B. Sax, H. Gasparovic, D. Baric, I. Knezevic, S. Putnik, S. Borovic, A. Redzek, S. Jovev, M. Peric
08.30-08.35Heart  Transplantation and MCS at Semmelweis Institute, Budapest 
B. Sax (Budapest, HUN)
08.40-08.45Heart  Transplantation and MCS at University Hospital Center, Zagreb
H. Gasparovic (Zagreb, CRO)
08.50-08.55Heart  Transplantation and MCS at Dubrava University Hospital, Zagreb 
D. Baric (Zagreb, CRO)
09.00-09.05Heart Transplantation and MCS at University Medical Center, Ljubljana
I. Knezevic (Ljubljana, SLO)
09.10-09.15Heart Transplantation and MCS at Clinical Center Belgrade
S. Putnik (Belgrade, SR)
09.20-09.25MCS in ICVD Dedinje, Belgrade 
S. Borovic (Belgrade, SR)
09.30-09.35Heart Transplantation in IKVD Sremska Kamenica
A. Redzek (Novi Sad, RS)
09.40-09.45Heart Transplantation in Skopje
S. Jovev (Skopje, R.SM)
09.50.-10.15Panel Discussion

10.15-10.30Coffee Break

10.30-12.00Session 6 -  Update on New LVADs on Horizon 
Moderator: J. Long        
Panel: O.H. Frazier, Y. Pya, R. Smalling,  I. Netuka, P. Leprince
10.30-10.35Innovations in Mechanical Circulatory Support
J. Long (Oklahoma City, USA)
10.35-10.45Panel Discussion
10.45-10.50BiVACOR Inc
O.H. Frazier (Houston, USA)
10.50-11.00Panel Discussion
11.00-11.05Biventricular Pulsatile Support (Carmat)
Y. Pya (Astana, K)
11.05-11.15Panel Discussion
R. Smalling (Houston, USA)
11.20-11.30Panel Discussion
11.30-11.35Fully Inplantable LVAD (FineHeart)
I. Netuka (Praha, CZ)
11.35-11.45Panel Discussion
11.45-11.50CorWave Membrane LVAD
P. Leprince (Paris, FR)
11.50-12.00Panel Discussion

12.00-13.00Lunch Break

13.00-14.15Session 7 -  Pharmacological Therapies in Heart Failure Management
Moderator: P. Mohacsi
Panel: G. Poglajen,  D. Feldman,  J. Estep, A. Borbely, S. Frljak, D. Planinc
13.00-13.05Vericiguat Therapy
G. Poglajen (Ljubljana, SI)
13.05-13.15Panel Discussion
13.15-13.20The Updated HF Guidelines: Sacubitril/Valsartan
D. Feldman (Minneapolis, USA)
13.20-13.30Panel Discussion
13.30-13.35SGLT2 Inhibitors
J. Estep (Cleveland, USA)
13.35-13.45Panel Discussion
13.45-13.50Omecamtiv mecarbil
A. Borbely (Debrecen, HUN)
13.50-14.00Panel Discussion
14.00-14.05Novel Therapeutic Options for ATTR Amyloidosis
S. Frljak (Ljubljana, SI)
14.05-14.15Panel Discussion

14.15-14.30Coffee Break

14.30-15.30Session 8  -  Therapeutic options in patients with sustained and recurrent ventricular tachycardia
Moderator: B. Merkely        
A. Kosztin,  M. Imazio, R. Hariharan,  G. Couper, F. Pappalardo
14.30-14.35New Results in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in Heart Failure
A. Kosztin (Budapest, HUN)
14.35-14.45Panel Discussion
14.45-14.50Pharmacological Treatment of Reccurent and Refractory Tachyarrhythmias
M. Imazio (Trieste, IT)
14.50-15.00Panel Discussion
15.00-15.05Transcatheter Radiofrequency Ablation after Impella 5.5 Implant
R. Hariharan (Houston, USA)
15.05-15.15Panel Discussion
15.15-15.20Pre-, Intra- and Post-Operative Management of Ventricular Tachycardia in Durable Left Ventricular Assist Device Therapy
G. Couper (Boston, USA)
15.20-15.30Panel Discussion

15.30-16.00Dr. David Taylor Memorial Lecture   

About Bringing Down the Cholesterol Levels of Entire Community
J. Narula (Houston, USA)

16.00-16.15Coffee Break

16.15-17.30Session 9 -  Challenges in Mechanical Circulatory Support I
Moderator: E. Rame
Panel: M. Slepian, G. Wieselthaler, W. Dembitsky, V. Jeevanandam, M. Patel
16.15-16.20Medical, Legal and Societal Implications of Field Consolidation in MCS - Consequences, Impact, Adapt, Act
M. Slepian (Tucson , USA)
16.20-16.30Panel Discussion
16.30-16.35Optimizing Ventricular Assist Device Outcomes 
G. Wieselthaler (San Francisco, USA)
16.35-16.45Panel Discussion
16.45-16.50Pulsatile or No Pulsatile Blood Flow?
W. Dembitsky (San Diego, USA)
16.50-17.00Panel Discussion
17.00-17.05Bloodless Advanced Congestive Heart Failure Therapy
V. Jeevanandam (Chicago, USA)
17.05-17.15Panel Discussion
17.15-17.20Mechanical Circulatory Support in Pulmonary Embolism
M. Patel (Houston, USA)
17.20-17.30Panel Discussion

17.30-17.45Coffee Break

17.45-19.00Session 10 -  Challenges in Mechanical Circulatory Support II
Moderator: U. Jorde   
Panel: M. Guglin, T. Schloglhofer, A. Bracey,  I. Hartyanzsky, E. Tuzun, Z. Trifunovic
17.45-17.50Left Ventricular Assist Device in Fontan
M. Guglin (Indianapolis, USA)
17.50-18.00Panel Discussion
18.00-18.05Left Ventricular Assist Devices Driveline Infections
T. Schloglhofer (Vienna, AT)
18.05-18.15Panel Discussion
18.15-18.20Anticoagulation Challenges in Patients on ECMO
A. Bracey (Houston, USA)
18.20-18.30Panel Discussion
18.30-18.353D Modeling in Heart Surgery
I. Hartyanszky (Budapest, HUN)
18.35-18.45Panel Discussion
18.45-18.50David Surgery Facilitator for Patient Specific Aortic Root Replacement
E. Tuzun (Istanbul, TUR)
18.50-19.00Panel Discussion

Friday, September 15th

08.30-10.00Session 11 - Heart Failure Pathology and Diagnostics
Moderator: A. Fintha
Panel: N. Narula, C. Bödör, A. Segura, M. Zucker, J. Diez,  F. Arabia, M. Nedeljkovic
08.30-08.35If We Knew, Could We Have Prevented: Role of a Pathologist in the Transplant/VAD Center 
N. Narula (Houston, USA)
08:35-08.45Panel Discussion
08.45-08.50Next-Generation Sequencing and Other Advanced Technologies in Diagnostics of Heart Failure
C. Bödör (Budapest, HUN)
08.50-09.00Panel Discussion
09.00-09.05Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Associated Myocarditis: Pathology
A. Segura (Houston, USA)
09.05-09.15Panel Discussion
09.15-09.20Tyrosine Kinase Toxicity and Heart Disease
M. Zucker (Newark, USA)
09.20-09.30Panel Discussion
09.30-09.35Oncologic Patients: the Many Faces of Cardiotoxicity
J. Diez (Houston, USA)
09:35-09:45Panel Discussion
09:45-09:50Artificial Intelligence in Heart Failure Management
F. Arabia (Phoenix, USA)
09.50-10.00Panel Discussion

10.00-10.15Coffee Break

10.15-12.00Session 12 - Novel Technologies (Non CME Accredited Session)    
Chairs: W. Dembitsky, J. Long
11.40-11.55Berlin Heal

12.00-13.00Lunch Break

13.00-14.30Session 13 - Heart Transplantation New Allocation System and Outcomes
Moderator: G. Dellgren
Panel: S. Hunt,  M. Johnson, D. Vega, C. Salerno, F. Pagani, H. Gasparovic
13.00-13.20Norman Shumway Centenary Recognition
S. Hunt (San Francisco, USA)
13.20-13.30Panel Discussion
13.30-13.35Waitlist Outcomes in the New Heart Allocation System Era
M. Johnson (Madison, USA)
13.35-13.45Panel Discussion
13.45-13.50MCS Bridge to Transplant and New Allocation System
D. Vega (Atlanta, USA)
13.50-14.00Panel Discussion
14.00-14.05HeartMate 3 or Heart Transplant: Adverse Events and Outcomes
C. Salerno (Chicago, USA)
14.05-14.15Panel Discussion
14.15-14.20Comparison of LVAD and Transplant in Older Adults – Age 65 and Greater
F. Pagani (Ann Arbour, USA)

Panel Discussion

14.30-14.45Coffee Break

14.45-16.15Session 14 -  Challenges in Heart Transplantation
Moderator: A. Zuckermann
Panel:  J. Kobashigawa, B. Sax, G. Dellgren, I. Knezevic, S. Putnik 
14.45-15.05Emerging Understanding of Antibodies and Antibody-Mediated Rejection in Heart Transplantation
J. Kobashigawa (Los Angeles, USA)
15.05-15.15Panel Discussion
15.15-15.20Extracorporeal Photopheresis of Heart Transplant Recipients
B. Sax (Budapest, HUN)
15.20-15.30Panel Discussion
15.30-15.35Heart Transplantation and Renal Function
G. Dellgren (Gothenburg, SW)
15.35-15.45Panel Discussion
15.45-15.50Heart Re-Transplantation or BiVAD?
I. Knezevic (Ljubljana, SI)
15.50-16.00Panel Discussion

16.00-16.15Coffee Break

16.15-17.45Session 15 -  Hot (Cold) Topics in Heart Transplantation
Moderator: J. Stehlik
Panel:  A. Zuckermann, B. Sun, S. Sponga, S. Silvestry, S. Joseph
16.15-16.30How to Start a DCD Heart Transplant Program
A. Zuckermann (Vienna, AT)
16.30-16.45Panel Discussion
16.45-16.50TransMedics Cardiac Donor Organ Maintenance Systems
B. Sun (Columbus, USA)
16.50-17.00Panel Discussion
17.00-17.05Warm or Cold? That is the Question
S. Sponga (Udine, IT)
17.05-17.15Panel Discussion
17.15-17.20Primary Graft Dysfunction and Organ Maintenance
S. Silvestry (Weston, USA)
17.20-17.30Panel Discussion
17.30-17.35Update on Xenotransplantation
S. Joseph (Baltimore, USA)
17.35-17.45Panel Discussion

17.45-18.00Coffee Break

18.00-19.00Session 16 -  Management Following Heart Transplantation 
J. Kobashigawa
Panel: A. Fintha, J. Stehlik, G. Sayer, T. Teszak, Z. Sutlic
18.00-18.05Molecular microscopy (MMDx) results correlating with histological and immunhistological findings of endomyocardial biopsies  
A. Fintha (Budapest, HUN)
18.05-18.15Panel Discussion
18.15-18.20SGLT2i - Potential benefits after Heart Transplant
J. Stehlik (Salt Lake City, USA)
18.20-18.30Panel Discussion
18.30-18.35Managing Transplant in the Gene Expression and Cell Free DNA Era
G. Sayer (New York, USA)
18.35-18.45Panel Discussion
18.45-18.50First European Experience in dd-cfDNA Surveillance of HT Recipients
T. Teszak (Budapest, HUN)
18.50-19.00Panel Discussion

19.00-19.15Closing Remarks and Meeting Adjournment
Moderators: I. Gregoric, B. Merkely, A. Zuckermann